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Fòcare is a recidency program for artists interested in relational art in rural contexts.

Originally born in order to keep alive the ancient ritual of Fòcare, it is now a spot for art research in the field of common practice and collective collaboration.

Fòcare, in the local idioma, are big bonfires lit in public spaces, usually at crossroads, and bear witness to what remains of ancient pagan rites of abundance and propitiation.
Usually lit on the occasion of the solstices, they were later incorporated in Christian liturgical celebrations, which is why signs of such practices are found in the day of the celebrations of St. John and the Christmas night.
Despite the gradual depopulation and hence the abandonment of the territory, Fòcare remain a collective ritual that continues to survive thanks to the free cooperation of the local population.

The aim of the project is to research, document and reinterpret rites and traditions of popular culture by the actual recovery of the ritual practice, its preservation and its development in a contemporary environment.

The project works with a wide network of associations and institutions including Re-Collocal, the Ugo Marano Museum of Morigerati, Officina dell’arte and operates under the sponsorship of the Towns of Laurino and Piaggine